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Parenting with the tools of the Modern Mystery School

In this interview with fellow Guide, Osiris Indriya, we dive into parenting with the tools of the Modern Mystery School. What is the great work? How do we as parent work on being imitation worthy by embodying what we believe is the highest vibration we can have? What is the new role of a Father […]

An old soul through the eyes of an infant

The initiation into motherhood has been so much more than I could ever have imagined. Yes it is what I though, yet So. Much. More. Today as I woke up to the cutest sounds of my daughter making sounds, I moved over to cuddle with her. She has started to do the most beautiful smile […]


Five years ago I probably wouldn’t have much to say about laundry, neither positive or negative. I’ve always had access to a wash machine and tumble drier and laundry was something that I did on a regular basis, no big deal. Since I started to frequently stay longer periods in West Africa I have really […]