An old soul through the eyes of an infant

The initiation into motherhood has been so much more than I could ever have imagined. Yes it is what I though, yet So. Much. More. Today as I woke up to the cutest sounds of my daughter making sounds, I moved over to cuddle with her. She has started to do the most beautiful smile and giggle from one particular interaction we do and when we were both very content from our morning snuggles I started to feed her. As I was looking at her and enjoying the sight of her happy, healthy and nurtured, she looked back at me and I got this deep sense of an old wise woman looking back at me from within her. She is hands down the biggest teacher I have had about life and about myself. That sensation will probably keep evolving for the rest of my Earthly life. This profound eye gazing with this most marvelous being made me ponder about our souls and how they journey through many dimensions. Looking into the eyes of a very young child who has nothing but high vibrations and pure intentions, gave me a glimpse into the state we want to return to.